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Manage & Dispatch your Agents and much more...

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app overview

INSTA-BAIL provides Bail Agencies with the ``FIRST EVER`` dispatching software.

Increase your efficiency! Increase your sales!

Professional AgentsTrained & Licensed with most Sureties.

Our Posting Agents have been trained to properly service your business, get you complete and accurate information and provide you with the service you deserve.

“Your” Company’s DispatchDispatch your team and watch them work.

You may chose to use your posting agents, only.  That’s cool!  Our software can be your company’s dispatch center, but still keep the features of referring bail, tran

Track the AgentGPS Tracking

Like UBER, watch the dispatched agent travel to the location of your service request.  Know where the agent is at during the post.

Our Agent is Your AgentUse us, we don't mind

We are like a temp agency for posting agents. We train the employee , appoint to your Surety & State Registry. Voila! They are your posting agents.

Make More MoneyAs we grow, you grow

Use the application to send or receive bail referrals.  Use our posting agents to post where you normally wouldn’t travel.  Receive requests for bail from other states.

Additional FeaturesAlways changing to better serve you

Stand Alone Dispatch Software, Transfer Bonds, Refer & Receive Bail, BlackList & Bad Debt Search, Have Licensed BEA bid to pick up your skip & more..


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Coming soon, INSTA-BAIL Posting Agent Service

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Professional Posting Agents Available Within Seconds

  • UBER for Bail Companies
  • 24/7 posting agents
  • track location of agent
  • complete files
  • accept bail everywhere
  • upload pics and files
  • fast service
  • call or text agent
  • extend your reach
  • transfer bonds
  • refer bail
  • get bounty hunters
coming soon

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How does it Work

First Ever Team Management & Lean Defendant Management Software

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Additional Features

New features being added to INSTA-BAIL

Transfer BondsRequest and Receive Transfer Bonds

Have a bail request in another state?  No problem, request and transfer bond  Want to make more money?  Accept a request of a transfer bond  With NO LIABILITY!

Stand Alone DispatchUse your own

Use INSTA-BAIL as your stand alone dispatch center.  If you do not wish to utilize the hundreds of professional posting agents in your area and want to use your own agents, we can

Refer BailKeep making money

In some states, using a professional bail posting services is not permissible, even though it would assist the bail process making it more efficient and more money.  So if you hav

Hire Fugitive Recovery AgentsGet help immediately

Use INSTA-BAIL to hire professionally licensed bounty hunter within your. state.  Enter the state service is needed, amount of bond, days left on forfeiture, amount you are willin

DiscountsSaving you money

Our affiliates have offered INSTA-BAIL discounted prices on their services.  Please use the application to find an affiliate attorney, collection agency and other services needed

BlackList & Bad DebtCommunication is key

If you have a skip or a co-signer/defendant who won’t pay you.  Tell other agencies about your experience.  Use this tool to communicate with agencies around the state &